We are on the verge of a radically new paradigm. And we are not prepared, again.


The Blockchain technology has allowed us to transcend trust and create a decentralized immutable world truth machine of sort. That in the long term will even be used as a World Computer.
In the only Bitcoin chain (BSV)[1] that is able to infinitely scale up on-chain to serve millions, then billions of people, work is already being done to be able to easily store files. Files that will essentially, because of its immutable nature, live forever [2]. This will have some unforeseen consequences. And the way we will handle them will show our true nature as Humans.
As the world became increasingly digitalized and connected, going from the early 90’s through today. The Internet made access to content easier and cheaper with file sharing applications like Usenet, Kazaa, eMule, and eventually torrents, to cite only a few.


The problem is that it was also illegal. Most content were copyrighted material that individuals illegally made available to others. Art that was created through hard work, and whose Authors weren’t being compensated.
This might have been unfair for content creators, but at the same time, the general public had not much alternative. Music & Motion picture studios were slow to adapt, and DVD or CD renting/buying was replaced by downloading, torrenting and streaming faster than anyone could have imagined [3].
Let’s keep in mind though that these technologies weren’t bad per se, it’s how they were used that was. They also allowed for easy sharing of information across the globe at almost no cost, Linux distributions available through torrent is a great example of this.
Nevertheless soon enough pirated content started spreading all over the Internet and it came to nobody’s surprise that the Entertainment industry retaliated. And as always strongly, on little individuals, only to scare people away and set “examples”, without ever addressing the real underlying issue [4]. Which is:
When people are given the choice between easy and legal they will chose the former. The real way to resolve this issue, is by making a better legal offer than the pirated, illegal alternative.
And that’s where Spotify, Netflix, Prime and other content provider enter the picture.
They understood the underlying problem, and set themselves to address it. Brilliantly.
We no longer have to go through files with virus, badly name mp3, fake movies, potato quality content etc.
The alternative is MUCH better, that’s the only reason we use it: — Huge curated library of official legal content  — Easily accessible  — Beautiful & easy interface for everyday users  — Best quality (Full HD, multiple language, high bitrate, offline content, subtitles etc…)  — For a very little cost thanks to the economy of scale And the best part:  — The Authors actually get paid ! (even if you couldn’t care less, which you shouldn’t, all work deserve compensation)
More than a few years have passed since I’ve been personally, as millions of others, using these services instead of their alternatives, for all the aforementioned reasons. And I couldn’t be happier, it’s better in every possible way, and I’m not looking back.


Now here is the problem: Blockchain and its immutable nature. Since Bitcoin (BSV) has removed the block size limitation, and OP_RETURN limits you can now store files on it [5].
What do you think is going to happen next ?  How long before the first individual uploads an old movie ? A recent blockbuster ? A Disney success ? A Platinum music album ? Or any kind of copyrighted material, for that matter ?
Very quickly I can assure you. Even though Bitcoin (BSV) is pseudonymous in nature, such that we could theoretically trace the transaction back to the person who uploaded the file and eventually punish them or otherwise. The fact remains, the file is there, forever there is no turning back, so what do we have now ?

Free movies

This will go fast. Faster than anyone could imagine… Sounds familiar ? What should we do in face of this problem ? Well for old and free content this is actually a great and beautiful thing. No more searching for obscure files only to see the last seeder disappear and with him a piece of history. Now, it’s there. Free. Forever.Well, as I hope, by now you have guessed it, the only real solution, again, is for content creators, authors and copyright holders, to start giving us a better alternative. Right ? Right ?Unfortunately history shows otherwise, as I previously stated, what will they do instead ? Probably arrest people, give bad reputation to Bitcoin (BSV) or even Blockchain in general, or even worse go as far as to outright ban and making this technology illegal. SAD !Of course, any wise human with basic memory recollection would quickly realize that this is completely and utterly pointless, stupid and doesn’t work. It’s a shortsighted solution, only used to scare people off and assert their power.
Notwithstanding the fact, that even if politically banned, they can’t effectively censor it, it’s practically impossible, that’s the very essence of the Blockchain.
Now what ? So much for the compensation of authors ?

New Paradigm

Of course there is a way. Bitcoin (BSV) is paving the way for Smart Contracts (for lack of a better term[6], but anyway).
This will allow, individuals, companies, studios, anyone with copyrighted material to make them available in exchange for compensation, easily, securely and rapidly, all across the world.
You upload your content, cryptographically secured on the Bitcoin (BSV) Blockchain (so unaccessible to anyone by default, except you). And thanks to this contract, available 24/7, anywhere, you can allow anyone to get access to your content, in exchange of whatever compensation you ask.
You could even play with it, let’s say you are a photographer you could:  — Give a small resolution picture for free (for trial and showing)  — High resolution for a small price  — Highest resolution, RAW source file for a higher price and rights to use it anyhow
Your imagination is the only limit. This will empower people around the world, people who are getting screwed by Studios for example, people who don’t have an easy way to get access to the market, people who want to reach a bigger audience (the World). And of course, all of this without asking for permission to no one, without needing to rely on an (un)trusted third party, securely and forever.
Does this fix our previous problem ? Not entirely; why would I pay for a movie that I could have for free ?Well I will make the same case as before, they will have to give us a better incentive indeed, better resolutions, bonus, languages, subtitles etc. Given the choice of official better source and unofficial worse source, you, the end-user will be the final arbitrator.
It’s thrilling, and I’m impatient, the future is for us to build.
Of course I will be bringing popcorn to watch this unfold.
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My name is Paul, I’m a software engineer by profession, but very much a révolutionnaire by heart, I believe in our ability to drive and change our world for the better, and Blockchain has a part in it.


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