Hi Guys I wanna introduce a hot blockchain based game. The name is 『Crypto Fights』
【link】  https://www.cryptofights.io/ The game system is alike Dungeons & Dragons(D & D). It is turn based game.You can choose a kind of characters, weapons, armors, then roll a dice to attack other players. The game has not released yet, but you can play beta-test from Dec, 16 to Dec, 19. If you are interested in playing beta-test, please see following procedure.
【How to join beta-test】 1.Create an account in the Kronoverse forum 19 2.After signing up, join the closed beta group 35 in the Kronoverse forum. 3.Read the important information about the beta test in the pinned group post first 4.Share your thoughts and experience during the closed beta testing event!
To make the game Excellent One, I hope many people join the beta-test.


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