After doing some breakfast reading about Blockstream's Liquid and complaints about flaws in Lightning Network something hit me. Is there a second hidden reason for Liquid that Blockstream plans to make money off of? Some estimates had 50-60% of bitcoin being locked up in Liquid Bitcoin but it is it truly locked? What's to prevent Blockstream from lending that bitcoin? A major issue with Lightning Network is that you have to have money to receive money. There are 2 ways to do this. Fund your own channel or get another party called a swap provider to do it for you. What is to prevent Blockstream from becoming a swap provider and use that huge pool to make money by lending it to those that can't afford to fund their own channels? Now they are making money 2 ways.

Maybe I'm missing something here but it seems plausible.


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Blockstream, which is really just a front and a cover for the bankers, wants to have a system in which they are needed to be a middleman, so that they can charge fees for every "service" they "provide" for the users (users who are stupid and unable to see that they are no longer using Bitcoin), and because they are able to add other crypto shitcoins into Lightning and Liquid sidechains, they are able to control supply of new money also.
Blockstream name is picked for a reason, they are working for the bankers and they want to block the stream of blocks... and they did it with BTC (with small blocks, RBF, hacked it also with SegWit and turned BTC into an altcoin).
   7mo ago