The chef's professionalism is not only shown in the quality of his preparations, both in taste and presentation. But it goes further, it is in the way it does things, how it works, in each of those details that are reflected in the final product.
Special greetings to all my friends! In this opportunity I will talk about one of the virtues that every good cook must possess, neatness. And it is that every good professional chef must maintain the area in which he works clean and his image must remain impeccable.
According to the dictionary, the word neatness means: "neatness", and neatness is an adjective of "Neat, careful, beautiful, good-looking". We see how the job of cook is not only about "making tasty and well presented food" but rather this is a consequence of the good work of order and neatness that the cook has in his craft.
From the cleanliness of the kitchen to its immaculate image should be part of the presentation of a chef, because a job well done is intrinsic these characteristics, before cooking and preparing a good "mise en place" is important to bring food in order and with neatness.
At the time of cooking, having everything in order, will make your work easier to do. This will prevent to a great extent that the cook has accidents that can stain or dirty his clothing. Also, you will have better food handling, as these will already be clean, just as the cook's hands should be kept clean. The use of a hat and, if possible, kitchen gloves makes the image of the chef more neat.
The clothing of the professional chef is well known: La filipina. The Filipina must look impeccable, better if it is white, because modernity attracted new trends in the use of colors, but its essence has not changed: a clean and orderly Filipina is a representation of neatness and professionalism. And this is how the professional chef and more if the head chef is responsible for his image, being in itself the image of the establishment where he works.
I am a professional chef and I am looking for an opportunity to get out of this bad moment in which I find myself trapped. I hope to find the support to raise only $ 300 to start my own food business and continue with my cooking studies. This would really help me and my family. I consider myself a person who thrives in many ways and I am sure of achieving economic prosperity through my passion: cooking. If you can help me, I will be very grateful.


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