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It's the book that started it all for me. A short work of fiction filled with interesting implications.
I was not much of a reader. Besides a few Civil War biographies as a kid, I pretty much ignored books. At age 16, I broke up with a girl and needed something else on which to focus my attention.
I picked up this short book somehow, and for whatever reason, it awakened the life of the mind for me. Something about it made me want to learn more about free-will, time, and choice. That led me to all manner of philosophy, then economics, then the entire classical liberal tradition.
Even though this book has nothing to do with most of those themes, the fact that it hooked me as a teen and made me fall in love with ideas led eventually to all of them. I bought and read close to every book by the author over the next few years. His work led me to much more. The box had been opened.
I still return to this book every few years. It's a fun story, and has some poignant insight on the human condition and challenges.


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