Read or listen to the story. Story, voice and illustrations are my own.
The lighthouse shows way for lost sailors. The wind pulls the stone walls, threatening to tear them apart, but these walls have held storms for a hundred years.
This one was harder, though. Much harder. The sea was higher than he’d ever seen. The wind stronger. The thunder rumbled louder.
A flash. A loud crack. He looked up, out of the window. Towards the sea. There was no light.
He put his book down, grabbed his lamp and went out to the staircase. The tall walls were making disconcerting noises, but the tower was built for hard weather. He walked up the many stairs, moving his lamp around, looking, searching for the failure. He remembered a book about evil lurking in the shadows, about horrors of the dark. The storm grew louder.
He was not afraid.
A cable was loose, on the outside. He could hear the sea slamming fiercely onto the rocks far underneath. The wind made the tower wave. He opened the door. The wind caught him, sucked him out...

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