Hello friends, as you know I love animals, no matter if it is a breed pet or not, but this time I run into a great dog Boston Terrier !, they are small dogs and although they are not the most graceful physically, because many people find them "ugly", they are very funny and obedient.
To me the truth if they seem very nice, they have those huge and sweet eyes able to convince you of whatever they are, they are very active for what they observe, they love to play and they are very good with children, so it is the ideal mascot for a house where there are small children.
These puppies do not grow much and adapt very well to houses or apartments, but of course they need to release their energy, so it is good to take it out for a jump in a park or nearby place, despite being a friendly dog always alert ; so it's a little guardian too.
The Boston Terrier are very intelligent and obedient, and adapt to your lifestyle, they are excellent companions, and they love that you caress and play with them, they are very receptive and they know when their owner is in a bad mood or sad.
Of course, like any pet, we must take care of it and these puppies are a little delicate, especially in the respiratory tract, so we have to keep it carefully and vaccinated, etc; that is to say to the day with all its vaccines and not overwhelm it with exercises or meals. Actually the exercise should be little, it is a race of interiors and loves the comfort of your home, in general it is a dog that I can recommend for a family, for children or for someone who likes to travel with their pet because I read that these dogs They love to travel. I had a lot of fun that day with "Luna" the Boston Terrier.
Kisses 😘🐾
As I recommend this breed, whenever I do an animal post I say that if you have the opportunity to give a home to a puppy on the street nothing would be better than this, because they, like the race, are loving, playful, etc; Of course it is already in everyone, in the end all the animals are affectionate and they will see you as their beloved owner. ❤