John's PoV:
"Not very talkative today, hm?" Says Lafayette, almost laying on the table. He's kind of annoying, constantly as if he's posing for a camera. "Makes a nice change."
Alexander just shrugs.
"Come on, you're gonna have to talk at some point. It can't be that bad."
He still doesn't speak, instead shooting a glance as if to say: it really is.
We all sigh as we receive our assignments. Not to my surprise, Alex and I are paired together.
He silently sets up his desk, pulling his notebook from his bag, and he tucks his pen behind his ear. Damn, why'd he gotta be so cute?
I desperately want to hear him speak. He recently came back from a dentist appointment, and he still hasn't opened his mouth. I nudge him under the desk. "It's pretty loud in here."
I'm right. The background noise of other students discussing their assignments would easily cover our conversation, and he knows I wouldn't make fun of him. He just nods.
I sigh, defeated. "Come on, Lex. Talk to me."
He shakes his head vigorously and I see a light blush settle on his cheeks. Is he... embarrassed?
I lean in. "What's wrong, Lexi?"
His voice is so quiet I almost don't hear it. "N-nothing.."
Finally, getting somewhere. "What was that?"
His cheeks go even redder. "I th-said nothing!" I see a flash of silver in his mouth.
Oh my god. He has braces.
I giggle before covering my mouth with one hand. "Sorry."
He quickly goes back to his notebook, and I don't push him any further.
I can't help but watch him as he scribbles debate tactics in his notebook. After a few moments, he glances at me.
"What-th-s wrong?" I can tell he's trying really hard to speak normally, but everything he says comes out with a lisp.
"I was just thinking, you're gonna have to talk if you want to debate today."
He drops his pencil in frustration. "God, whath Jefferthon gonna thay?
Finally, he's not trying to hide it.
I shrug. "Call him out on that time he fell out of a tree and broke his wrist trying to impress Sally Hemings."
He smiles a little as he picks up his pencil again and I see him write it down. "Thank-s."
I giggle, seeing that he's getting better at hiding it. "No problem."
(Alexander did debate that day, and even though Jefferson called him out, Alex is just as scathing in his insults with braces as without.)
(Thomas Jefferson did actually fall out of a tree and fracture his wrist trying to impress a girl. Other times he fractured his wrist include 3 times in his 80s by constantly tripping over his desk)
(Sally Hemings also existed)
(I know too much about American history)
Thanks for reading!


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