The intentional control of the mind is powerful because it is exercised by religious, political, economic organizations, for a purpose. Define what needs to be done and suggest procedures to do so. The good and bad of the human being became legal and illegal, pious or sinful, for the acculturation imposed on the people. It is increasingly important for globalization to take away from the human being his individual judgment and insert in his mind repeated ideas that he must accept as his own. Empires throughout the centuries used organizations such as the Church for brain manipulation, as well as economic and military structures. Politics has always been subordinate to them. The moral reinforcements, positive or negative, are codified: The commandments, the money, the credits, the feudalism, the ideologies, the education, the religions, the news, the classes, induce the behavior to alter the behavior always codifying it. Thus, the masses do not support the government out of loyalty but because it has created better living conditions. Little by little the social conscience and the ideal arise for a political-economic system that helps them.

The urgent need for recovery of large masses of people is evident by the evils that currently afflict us because they are universal: The population explosion, the depletion of natural resources, pollution and global warming, the possibility of a nuclear war, the political and economic crisis of capitalism. The psychic imbalance of their populations, due to moral decadence and economic-political corruption lead to aggression. War environment, under the control of the US empire and its satellites with more than 1 billion, 800 billion dollars in military spending in all regions of the world. Where the US has the advantage with 550 billion dollars in "defense" spending, followed very far by Great Britain, with 60 billion, France with 55, China with 50, Japan with 44, Russia with 37 billion Dollars. According to the institute of investigations for peace. Quantities of very difficult verification, by the secret of the interests of each one of the countries, that sustain the business for the economy of the war. Arms business, always accompanied by a long history of political reforms, dollar devaluations, religious influence, dirty war, coups d'etat to progressive leaders, dependence, show the same mechanism used by industrialized nations to sustain inequality. Environments are built on the model of the same failed system, always imposing the behavior, but the desired behavior does not succeed to occur. Two hundred years of this system have, in themselves, little to teach, and for a very simple reason. We must not only know how this system works, we must raise awareness, before we can change it, so as not to let us influence our behavior again. The men of powerful governments often act in ways that harm others and are often reinforced by the damage they cause to other countries.

Important role played by human behavior in cultural habits, weakening threatening stimuli that have proven their effectiveness, eliminating threats to this oppressive system throughout evolution. Thus the empires conditioned the conduct of society, brandishing the freedom of those who rebel threatens the security of the nation, then state that communism, socialism, revolutions bring disastrous consequences: Conflicts, wars, rapes, death, and that can be repeated causing more damage. That only the prevailing system can restore tranquility and peace. What is currently happening with Obama's messages and his economic recovery projects, promoting alternative energy for the next three years, alleviating energy consumption and freeing himself from "oil in the hands of dictators". Project of 61 thousand two dollars, amount and time stipulated, ridiculous, when General Motors is about to receive, rounding the figure with the already delivered, 100 thousand two dollars to not contribute to unemployment, when there are 5.2 million unemployed requesting social help only in the US. Denying the change of the economic structure in common agreement with the nations that own the raw materials. Brainwashing transmitted through the media, as does Uribe from Colombia, for the narco-political corruption of his government. The DAS is prohibited from tapping phones, he says, but he is silent that it is a structure used by British, Israeli and American intelligence to help destabilize the revolutionary governments in South America. Then, it sends an announcement that the DAS, is going to connect with the national police, two institutions under the control of the executive, so that they control each other. Grotesque spectacle of these two pathetic representatives of capitalism to hide true political purposes, subordinated to capital and its energy-military expansion, as projected in Asia.

They use the means as a weapon, for the massive influence, trying to hide the continuity of the Colombian plan, with 580 million dollars more and to gain time until Washington decides, if Uribe continues as president or not. Another strategy of brainwashing, the request for dialogue of the Venezuelan oligarchy, after despising the approaches made by the revolutionary government. They are attitudes to manipulate the population, while they gain time so that the world due to the financial crisis joins in an ever deeper chaos and they stand as saviors, promoting the new capitalism. Strategies always used. Ruthless attacks on the mind and personality of the people, for political and economic interests, they attack people regardless of the global population density and its effects on the increase of the volume of poverty in all the earth, whose result persecutes peoples strengthened by revolutionary processes and producers of oil and other raw materials, who believe in dignity, in freedom, therefore in the deep value of life, fighting against the globalization of economic-political imperialism, to change that system failed by the financial crisis world that cuts freedom with terrifying violence. System that uses all the mechanisms to manipulate the world and its populations behave according to the normality that they project. The controlled self must be distinguished from the controlling self by planning the external environment, it is the power of some men to make other men what they like.

The man that man has created is the product of an imperialist system in all periods, they can no longer prevent man from changing his system, because of the types of revolutions that are gaining ground because they are democratically supported by the population. Constant and prolonged model will be, for history to illustrate the survival of humanity @-ED-