Hello my good friends today I bring a good topic for all those women who are in a state and do not know whether to breastfeed their baby or not ...
I want to tell you my experience and how I overcame my fears.
As you can see in the photograph that bottle is full of milk from my chest today I can extract from my 5 tons the necessary amount so that my baby was satisfied for 2 or 3 hours!
I have a month in this, and I managed to adapt to only give my baby breast milk for a scare that happens with it, it turns out that not all milk formulas are the same and inexperienced one I gave my daughter who did not lend much, Then, as a result, he got health problems but nothing serious.

After that the pediatrician recommended an exclusive breastfeeding and thus I avoided problems in the future with my baby recommended me to read and that I did in depth.

I had read the benefits of breastfeeding, both for babies and mothers and I did not believe them much, but now that I have discovered them, I can confirm every word.

The mommy helps them to reduce their belly and chest pains and helps the quick recovery of labor. I really had two weeks giving the baby a bottle and almost no breast and I had pain and discomfort so much that I did not get out of bed and when I started or breastfeeding all those evils decreased

Babies help them to better digest breast milk formula milk prevents diseases makes them immune to many viruses and prevents asthma ALL A WONDER

Today I breastfeed my baby for most of the day and I keep giving bottle only once or twice a day to sleep and one when I know of the rest is pure chest 😊😊😊

I hope that the small councils serve as a good thing for those who read it and know how to take advantage of them!

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The thing I hated most about infalac/similac (or any other formulas), are massive amounts of stinky black poo.
The baby kept pooping stinky black poo. Only after we switched to breastmilk, that the baby became healthier and the stinky black poo disappeared.
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