Please introduce yourself.
Where are you from and/or where do you live?
Western Australia, Margaret River Wine Region.
What are your interests?
Family and travel.
Has life been kind to you?
In a long term relationship, not married, but plan to marry if one of us needs a visa to work in each other's country of origin. :) True love. :)
What brought you to Bitcoin?
A mate owed me $100 in 2015/2016. He did not have the cash and asked if he could pay me in BitCoin. From that moment on I was deep into the rabbit hole.
What does Bitcoin (SV) mean to you?
BitCoin to me is everything. I own some, definitely no whale. I actually believe it is going to create a safer world for all to coexist. I use where I can at the moment, but never plan to cash in. I look forward to the day we can use it in everyday life.
Anything you want to promote?
Ed. I love how Troy is so happy, it's inspiring, thank you Troy!