In Venezuela since March 2015 the United States has taken the trouble in the name of freedom and with the unpunished sight of millions of people, who want peace. They have attacked Venezuela in a systematic way, now the interim president, sponsored by the donal trump capitalist destroying the little that remains of Venezuela in the thirst to be able to steal the PDVSA money a complete stew, this has caused millions of people to be affected in the country. However, the good guys are more and Venezuela has always been a town of warriors.

The good news

On the occasion of the great festival that was collected a kilo of food per person we could attend a small community a home for homeless children, about a month and a half ago we did it and it was a success bringing joy to a very distant community We did it once to assist those people that the criminal blockade has destroyed. Thanks to the blockade where you can not bring medicine or food and the Bolivarian government works miracles to solve the crisis. We join because we always add, not subtracting. The weekend was a success for these children and for Venezuela .....
We keep adding the good we are more.



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