Did Satoshi the developer just do what the miners told him to do? Of course not.
Satoshi would not have handed over developer control to someone who simply showed up with a lot of hash, and threatened to launch double spend attacks on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Especially if that someone worshipped Mao & Stalin, said that "Anonymity is the shield of cowards", and said that he wanted to "work WITH banks and governments".
Satoshi would want to keep the project in the hands of libertarian-minded people, rather than some nutjob or state actor who showed up with a lot of hash.


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Claiming you know what satoshi wanted or him/her being libertarian is projection, you don't know and can only assume. Not defending CSW, or wanting to speak on his behave, but context of statements matters. Claiming he worships Mao & Stalin is just stupid. If have have to choose sides, you are making it very unappealling to side with you.
   2yr ago