Hello community, I want to return to the golden days of Bitcoin SV, good of BITCOIN, because in my country Venezuela, cryptocurrencies were a great oxygen for many (like me), at the time I could be solvent in many aspects and managed to buy several things, medicine, clothes, food; but without a doubt my first purchase was the one that made me the happiest, a great market for my family, and I want to remember that day:
It was really very nice and emotional to be able to help my parents even in Venezuela, I have not left and I hope to do so soon to continue helping, but that day I can say that I felt very happy, and I want to thank this community for allowing financial support To my parents for so long, it was not the last market I made with the help of this community, but the most commemorative, we bought many things that are quite difficult to buy now. I would like to show you a little how everything was:
Arriving at the Supermarket
Empty Shelves
We began the search in this supermarket, now the situation remains the same or a little more critical, we saw empty shelves, pure refrigerators, prices that seem crazy, it really becomes impossible to make a normal market in Venezuela.
Meat / proteins
Something so essential, empty refrigerators, or very high prices, the Venezuelan is getting used to not using meat as part of his daily diet, it is sad because even vegetable proteins are extremely expensive, I feel that the food of our country for the common citizen could get worse little by little.
I wanted to document the purchases, not as yellowness, but I really feel that everyone must understand and see what it is like to market in a country where the latest news has been known of a new blockade by the United States where this will undoubtedly do that aggravates the situation with respect to food and medicine, in a country struck down by foreign forces and a country where consciousness and love for the brother citizen has been lost in exchange for the love for money and for wanting to sell things ten times more its real value; My parents were very happy, the food lasted about three weeks but it was a great relief for them, that as many Venezuelans earn a minimum wage.
Enjoy small moments of happiness
Nevertheless, my parents have always maintained a good mood and are positive; I think it is part of not seeking to alter others but I know that just like them thousands of people are having a very bad time in Venezuela and it is not fair.
Happiness for a few days
I say for a few days because the food is not forever, but if I could alleviate a little the needs at my parents' house, I was glad, I felt very good and I would like to do it always, it gives me a lot of pain like the body of so many that I know It has changed dramatically because the diet is not the same, my mother has remained a bit but my dad is not even a shadow of what it was, I think it is good and healthy that I lose weight, but it is a forced diet, a diet caused by poor nutrition. My father a year before the market, still had a normal weight, it is very sad to see how we all have somehow been affected by this situation.
So finally I conclude by saying that the best thing I bought was not at the end of the market, but that I got through this the tranquility of my parents for a few days, the happiness of being able to have the fridge full for a few weeks, the joy of my father to eat things that I used to eat a lot, a couple of cookies that I know and now is a luxury, and what was the best thing you bought with your Bitcoin SV?



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