I have no idea why I was made moderator of /r/bsv today. Was it a mistake? An attempted setup or political game? I've made a post about it here on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoincashSV/comments/cehujv/man_down_i_became_a_moderator_of_rbsv_from_out_of/

So what happened?

I think a mistake on the part of buy_the_fucking_dip. They are maybe bored of moderating /r/bsv and saw I made a post attacking Peter Todd and they don't like him either and just selected me as a moderator... well that's 50% my thought. The other 50% is it was a setup. they wanted to maybe show reddit they were running subreddit correctly and if they let anyone else moderate it then that person would be nasty, deface it etc.. etc.. . So this is the only comms I had with them:-
I deliberately wanted to ask if it was first time we communicated - cause that's when I accepted the moderator invite sent to me by them, and didn't understand why I had received it. You'll also see I wrote a hash which at the time (until they unmodded me) I put down to a copy/paste error. Meanwhile... on Twetch...
I put the hash into the blockchain, immutable. I also published it on reddit. This was all before I did any changes to /r/bsv or any posts.
What did the hash refer to? Nobody knew at the time - but I knew it would be useful in the future. Feel free to download this file and sha256sum it and you'll see it matches: https://gofile.io/?c=HZnvLY
For those who just want to trust and/or are too lazy to verify this hash, this is what the message said:-
Message for the future. 2019-07-17T17:23:00 UTC
I've got no idea why I was invited to become moderator of hijacked /r/bsv subreddit by /u/buy_the_fucking_dip
These people are part of a shilling/disinfo/trolling campaign and use /r/bsv to criticise Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV and confuse n00bs who might find themselves there.
I don't remember ever having any communication with buy_the_fucking_dip but have trolled/discussed in the subreddit a few times.
Was it a mistake?
Does he not see I clearly support BSV and partake in many livestreams on YouTube channels etc?
Is it a setup to make me look like a shill or cause people to question me?
Is buy_the_fucking_dip changing his/her beliefs regarding CSW and what is Bitcoin?
I decided to accept the offer just to see. Unfortunately I don't have power to remove the other moderators and take over the sub, which is what I wouuld of done.
I don't want to post asking them what it's about in case it was a mistake.
I could unsticky some posts now, change the subreddit description to say "Craig Wright is Satoshi" but I expect they want me to do this.
I think the best thing I can, for now... is nothing... and just wait to try and get an angle on what their game is.
Then I made some posts, invited some BSV folks to go post good content, and I removed the sticky and videoed it as above. Wanted to show mature responsible moderation of /r/bsv as it is supposed to be, if it were a subreddit that actually supported /r/bsv rather than a social media attack.

Some entertainment

cryptocached (some say this is Greg Maxwell) seems to think I have broken the law and committed a felony under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) act. Yeah good luck with that! Your FUD doesn't work.
This could get interesting - will they or won't they resticky the post! I hope CSW is watching... Risk. Law.

Update - strong signalling from /r/bsv

Check out all that top-post deletion and shadowbanning here on snew. They don't want visitors to the sub to see that article. They are ashamed and embarassed by how their plan went so so wrong and how stupid they must look even to people who hate BSV! By doing this they are signalling to all that they were owned, or to state it better as this recent comment I received on reddit: "Fkn hilarious, team sock puppet just took a major blow.". Also all those other red articles are worth looking at, this subreddit is clearly nothing other than nefarious and this is further evidence we'll present to Reddit Admins.
You can still read the post here even thought it's shadow banned.

Of course, I'm not going to leave you all without creating a meme!

Clearly if you read above you'll see with posts being shadowbanned etc.. that moderator(s) are clearly active in the subreddit. And now exactly 12 hours later since I unstickied the post which has stood solid there for over 7 months until today, why are they not stickying it again? Risk? Law? LOL!

The Hangover

Well it's the next day, here's a screenshot of some /r/bsv activity which you can find here even thought it's deleted.
This shows us 5 things:-
  1. Users care.
  2. Moderators are definitely active - posts don't remove themselves.
  3. Moderators are making the hole bigger for themselves when Reddit Admins get there.
  4. Moderators are chicken - it's almost 24 hours now and they are not stickying any more libel.
  5. Yesterday (17th July 2019) will be known in Bitcoin history as "The Battle of The Sticky" a small battle that was easily won.

PoS (Proof of Stupidity)

Marty McFly didn't like being called chicken, and always acted upon it. Difference was that Marty could always disappear back into the past or into the future. Good luck moderators, you've just made the move that has already decided the bigger war. You too will down in Bitcoin history.

What now?

Will be getting in touch with Reddit Admins, to try and take control of the /r/bsv subreddit, for the community as it is prime reddit real estate.
Will update you all if any news occurs. Thanks for reading, remember hashes, immutable blockchains and secret messages designed to be revealed in the future can be very useful.
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beware the deep state always use tactics of creating conflict among different parties so to give distraction and make you fight the wrong enemy, and so that you don't focus on them. You getting the admin access could possibly be Blockstream's doing... just keep an open mind.
   1yr ago
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Yeah I see this happening now. They want me to fight in /r/bsv where they control the narrative. Just wait till my Twitter account comes back - things are going to get lit. I think someone said "I'm scaring them" whoever they are. I don't just do high-level trolling on reddit, I have a voice - which is something many who hide in the shadows don't have. Soon it will be Fiat Lux time, but for now I am eating popcorn enjoying this #StickyGate situation that has been created, where the existing crew of moderators are (quite rightly) too scared to resticky that post that was top post for 7 months, as they know it can put them in personal legal jeopardy (from Dr. Craig Wright) and also the subreddit in potential jeopardy. Now Greg Maxwell & co are telling people that Craig cannot do anything if they are in California etc.. and they resticky the post, but he can take legal action he might lose but would make your personal life more stressful and having to pay $$$$ to find a lawyer just for reposting a sticky! The mods there are stupid but I don't think they're that stupid! And this is just fun, a little battle has been won in removing that sticky that was there for 7 months to confuse n00bies who might of found that hijacked subreddit. #StickyGate - we all watch the subreddit for appointment of new mods and to see if anyone resticks the sticky! hehehehe but you're right, I shouldn't now spend much time there now I've LOLd in all of their faces and shown up their stupid plan (once again) by using crypto against them!
   1yr ago
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I see they deleted you as Moderator already. Its so frustrating to see lies like this being spread.
   1yr ago
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@DarrenW - they deleted me as a moderator within 3 hours. I wouldn't of made this post until I had been deleted as a moderator. I only made the secret message and published the hash publicly before I started taking any moderator actions. It was all work being done "in secret" other than a few contacts within BSV knowing what I was doing. When I got banned as moderator it was time to reveal the secret message, and become 100% transparent. All the sub needs is a huge influx of people, lots of positive articles being posted and lots of upvotes. Right now as it is, everything positive gets downvoted to hell, and all negative news get purposely upvoted or stickied to the front page.
   1yr ago