Possible outcomes:-
  • We flip the vote - causing confusion
  • They link to this video - causing disdain and realisation of why BSV with set-in-stone protocol is the only way.
  • They delete / censor - Chinese guy gets angry, users see censorship.

Basically - as long as we act there is no way to lose!


Following along here. We are still < 1 on post so we could be at 0 with just 1 vote moving us to 1, or we could be at -100 and need 101 votes! Who knows! However comments look close and very slanted/distorted already :D
This is gonna sound strange but please all UPVOTE MemoryDealers (Roger Ver) cause he seems reasonable with the 2m idea and this is sure to cause friction!
Upvote every post of the OP changyong75 of course and upvote Winterwishin37
Downvote jessquit, MarchewkaCzerwona, FalltheBanks3301, greengenerosity, ThenAskMe.

"You split - we bankrupt you" - Satoshi Nakamoto