Many people always ask me what it feels like to live in Venezuela, some are surprised that with my answer I'm still in it, well I have found a way of tranquility inside the chaos, Venezuela is a toxic love for now but it is maturing, the truth I have always thought that I want to know many countries and who knows what happens to the best I fall in love with the culture of some, their land etc; but for now I do not see myself even projected as a foreigner. To what I go and I think is the idiosyncrasy of the Venezuelan, we are fighters who smile in the face of adversity, not punishment, blaming the coward for whoever left, very much on the contrary, I think that those who have left with so much effort are heroes and They are spokespersons for everything that is happening in this part of the Caribbean.
Before January I had the conviction to go to Chile, in fact this month I have my visa appointment for the 20, but before January there was no hope in Venezuela, a call for struggle resurfaced from the streets, a brightness, a light, a cry of freedom and now I am totally excited that Venezuela will come out of this serious situation and as you can see, now I do not know if I want to leave. I got calm in the chaos when I got home and I'm still with my sister, my parents, my grandmother and my animals, I got calm in the chaos when I laughed at something with people around me who understood me and continue the game because we Venezuelans love to joke, I have achieved calm within the chaos in those tricolor flags that move in each call to fight, I have achieved calm when I hear the silence of the regime that has nothing to say and he just waits in silence for his last days. If it is true, Venezuela is a chaos, but the universe was before becoming what it is, and I know that Venezuela will achieve balance and stability thanks to the struggle, thanks to all those who have gone around the world denouncing what is happening. in our country and thanks to those of us who have not left Venezuela, we have all put a grain of sand.
I have achieved calm within the chaos in those eyes of those who fight, of those who are willing to give up everything for freedom, I have achieved calm within the chaos when we are no longer ignored by the world but quite the opposite, I have achieved the calm within the chaos in the hope of not having to leave but of being here to receive so many who left and today wish to return.


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Great post, thank you for sharing this. Experiences like yours and others never make it in the media here in the USA.
   1yr ago