Want to do business with Calvin Ayre? You better be paying in BCH.

Having adopted a totally fiat-free lifestyle in Antigua, Calvin (an envoy of Antigua) and crypto-billionaire said 10 months ago he could never have seen it happening.
But now, his life has changed for the better. In the latest episode of Humans Of Bitcoin, Calvin explains why life is happier, and freer when you decentralize.
“Pursue things that make you happy…you’re never going to be happy chasing money”-Calvin Ayre.
In the episode, Matt probes Calvin about that whole Satoshi Nakamoto thing. Does he really know who the real Satoshi is? What part does Craig Wright play in it all and what has he learnt from him over the years as a crypto-mentor?
We also uncover the advice he didn’t take ( and regrets ) plus a huge project he’s working on, that could benefit micro-states on a global level in the near future.
Wrap your ears around this podcast episode for all the answers:



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