TPS - Transactions per second
Visa on average handles 2,000 TPS reaching a daily peak of around 4000 TPS.
As the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network is now throttled at 1MB it can handle around 3TPS with no working 2nd layer solution.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can currently handle 100 TPS on-chain without the need for any 2nd solutions. The block size is 32mb for BCH.
The bitcoin scaling debate has gone on for a long time. It's important to understand the facts.
Can the Bitcoin Cash network increase block size further using hardware that exists today? To reach 1,000, 2,000 or even 10,000 TPS?
A lot of Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters will say that scaling on chain with bigger blocks in not a long term solution and we will hit a ceiling because of hardware. I break down the facts in the above video.
As always I enjoy hearing your thoughts and comments.


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I am a huge fan in fact I made my first tweet this year because of you. Tried to send art/logo because of the the BS you were going through. you banned me , so instead of show support I guess i insulted you, but you probed blocked me because of the trolls I hope, at first glance the cash logo to the uneducated eye does looks like BS its was not me attacking you ever. I was and am aways here to support and help. It has help start many conversions at every age level when someone had the courage enough to ask me "what the heck, I look puzzled and reply, "yeah I guess it could look like BS", I never noticed that... and so.." its started a lot of greatest conversations and fun but never was to bash you in any way. Always trying to help, but for the record I am saying thank you for everything, jerry BitcoinJerry on twitter
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