Cannabis sacred to many and sin to others.
The relationship of humanity with cannabis dates back thousands of years.
It has always been used medicinally, thanks to THC and other components present in the plant.
Today modern science is trying to prove its medicinal properties, but there is still strong opposition to the use of the plant even if it is for medicinal purposes.
Let's talk a little about some of the benefits of cannabis oil and for what purposes it can be used for.
1- Glaucoma
Glaucoma is a severe illness of the optic nerve, caused by too much pressure on the optic nerve and retina due to an accumulation of fluid in the eye.
It can cause decreased vision or even loss of vision.
Cannabis oil is not a cure but an alternative treatment.
The American Glaucoma Society states that the use of cannabis oil can effectively reduce intraocular pressure.
2- Pain Relief
One of the oldest uses of cannabis is for the relief of pain.
Cannabis can be very useful in the treatment of pain, including chronic pain and inflammation.
Pain is something that is very difficult to deal with and many people have to deal with pain on a daily basis, cannabis can be an alternative for these people, instead of taking medications that cause habituation, and every year people kill people by overdose.
3 - Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders like lack of appetite, anorexia or at the other end of the spectrum, obesity.
Can be treated with cannabis oil.
For anorexia and lack of appetite in general, cannabis oil stimulates the appetite by helping to release certain hormones, thus making you feel hungry.
On the opposite side, obesity works the same way cannabis oil can stimulate certain hormones that control appetite.
4- Stress and Anxiety
Nowadays stress and anxiety are very common, more and more people are affected by stress and anxiety due in part to the lifestyle that we have in the current days.
There are many medications for treatment but some are ineffective or even dangerous.
Cannabis oil again offers an alternative, its use helps to relax thus reducing anxiety and stress.
Feelings of calm, pleasure and peace are the effects that can be expected from the use of cannabis oil.
Several studies have been done and prove their effectiveness.
However, as always, more research is needed.
5- Asthma
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system.
Millions of people around the world are affected by it.
Cannabis is already used in traditional medicines for a long time for the treatment of asthma, cannabis fights inflammation because it is an anti-inflammatory.
By combating inflammation it facilitates bronchial dilation, thus making breathing easier.


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