According to World Health Organisation Depression caused many disease. In Depression we feels guilty, worthlessness, and we loss energy, and our appetite will decrease. Our sleeping patterns disturbed in depression. Our physical and mental health will decrease in depression. Suicidal thoughts and tendency will increase in times of our depression. Sometimes because of depression we gained weight and our appetite will increase and we feel excessive sleepiness.
Depression caused by several reasons like stressful events, loss of job, improper sex life, breakup in relationship, feeling unhappiness from lots of time.
There are many reasons like pshycological and biochemical imbalances because of that we fall under depression.
There are some nutritional imbalances because of that we fall under depression. Essential Fats (Lack of Omega 3 fatty acids) 1) High Homocysteine 2)Low Level of Vitamin D and Chromium in the body. 3) Food Intolerances.
4)Blood Sugar Balance in the body. 5)Low Blood Sugar Balance in the body. 6) Low level of Serotonin ( Low level of Amino Acid) A lots of researchers believe that link between depression and our diet is very complex.
There is link between depressed mood and low levels of Tyrosine ( Amino Acid that produces Happy Hormone Dopamine). Dopamine connected with our Brain’s reward and pleasure center. Tryptophan which produces mood elevating hormone Serotonin. Blood containing Carotenoids reduced depression.
The Following Dietary Chart Prepared By ModiMedDiet Can Reduce Depression 1)Include Fruits vegetables and Nuts in your daily diet. 2)Include leafy greens and tomatoes in your daily diet. 3)Include whole grain breads and cereal in your daily diet. 4)Take Legumes sufficiently. 5)Include oily fish. 6)Take lean red meat sufficiently. 7)Take different dairy products including reduced fat product and natural yoghurt. 8)Take olive oil ( extra virgin olive oil) 9)Take sufficient water. Daily Practice of Morning Walk and Doing Meditation also Reduced Depression.



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