Some people still do not realize that any kind of censorship is bad and everyone is responsible for his own feelings towards any word that someone else might use.
We realized last week when /u/bitcornio was banned by moderator /u/BitcoinXio that the double standards in our fake society have become a serious issue.
After that moderator BitcoinXio felt so strong to go even harder on censorship and he started removing whole threads from /u/awless:
Roger Ver keeps promoting r/btc as a censorship resistant alternative to r/bitcoin but that is absolutely not true anymore, as we have seen several ways of censorship in that forum:
Some people still do not realize that any kind of censorship is bad and everyone is responsible for his own feelings towards any word that someone else might use.
Humanity can not grow their consciousness with missing information, they simply create a fake consciousness which we call the matrix or the system.
Inside that system you are not a human anymore, you are only a person.
After studying German law I learned that even the law books clearly state that truth is an absolute necessity to obtain freedom. The source is in German:
What is truth? The absolute truth would be to have all the information of all things that have actually happened in this world. Because its impossible for a single person to obtain all that information, as time is limited and we have so many participants on this planet, absolute truth does not exist. But we can get closer to truth and freedom by obtaining more uncensored information.
In a world where censorship is socially accepted, where people get put in jails (strong censorship) for just using their mouth and creativity, we will never achieve freedom nor peace nor consciousness.
There is a huge difference between words and actions. Many people who act little but consume lots of spoken information create a comfort zone in their head.
In that comfort zone which some call tradition, they have the illusion of security which gives fearful people a warm feeling.
Censorship is basically fear, people who want to censor others on what they can and can not say they fear that things might change for their personal opinion about worse.
But reality is that they can not even know if that information might be good or bad for them as they themselves are missing 99% of the globally available information.
People who censor others are playing god and clearly have a mental disease which we commonly call fascism, they think that their own perception is worth more than the freedom of information and the words of another human.
Fascism always starts with judgement of the words others have said or written, because it is the justification for further criminal violent actions to feed their fear.
Humans who engage in fascism and censorship are unconsciously fearful, they are often themselves victims of censorship and unfair treatment, so they started obeying.
Once people obey to censorship as being justifiable in any way they start using it themselves to justify their own egoistic actions.
Please keep in mind WORDS are just WORDS and ACTIONS are actually the issue in our society.
Nobody has ever died of anyone saying a word, but many have died with the justification that certain words are so evil that they need to be oppressed.
Authority have abused their powers to create a world where they can justify the use of weapons against peaceful humans just on the words that they have used.
To overcome this cruel fake society we must let go of the desire to control certain words or written publications, the desire to control the outside world is nothing but fear.
Humans can only really control their inner world, they can control their habits/beliefs and that is usually all we need to live a long and healthy life.
The intention to control the outside world by force has created terrorism and liars. Humans who limit themselves to being just a person are shooting themselves in the foot.
Bitcoin was invented as a censorship resistant tool circumventing money censorship played out by the corrupt government and now we are slowly realizing how awful censorship is and that we need tools like
If you have not registered yet on MEMO i can tell you that it is totally worth it, the content on memo is of such an enormous quality nobody would expect.
I would like to add, that The Real Bitcoin Club was censored from posting comments on since the first day i created an account there.
The account was banned for posting a link to our own website which was never even published as they automatically censor links which then need a confirmation by the moderators, but instead of ignoring the post they banned me.
So the issue we have here is actually inside our own community which was created by a tool against censorship... that is very strange and leads only to one conclusion: liars which work against their own principles.
I want to point out that lies are extremely common and most people lie to themselves if not all, and to realize the lie we need others to wake us up.
If you want to learn more about the philosophy of bitcoin, you can read "Satoshis Kodex" which TRBC published under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.
Some people still do not realize that any kind of censorship is bad and everyone is responsible for his own feelings towards any word that someone else might use.


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I will repost this just to be sure.

We need to let those who communicate what we do not like commit their message in public for all to recognize.

'Free speech' has several bullet point values:
1. Uncensored, we can recognize and name perceptions we disagree with. Otherwise such problems can fester in obscurity to become harsh realities.
2. We must allow those who offend us to demonstrate their folly (or genius ! ) in order that everyone can recognize their for what it truly is. Only by this can we be allowed to know who to discount by our own devices. Only by this can we learn of better perspectives unappreciated by 'authorities'.
3. The fear of lies (or truth ! ) increases when voices are silenced. It is the caustic odor of this fear which corrodes the thin fabric of civilization.
4. Censorship is, ultimately, the imposition of a very cultural and personal filter. It matters not whether by tedious hand, or by automated algorithms unleashed by software: The reasoning behind such algorithms is personally skewed at best. It begins somewhere inside the brain of someone who has an agenda for your beliefs and perspectives. Censorship is like having your breakfast prechewed for you by some hairy ogre sitting at your dining table, who also gargles your morning juice before spitting it back into your cup for you to drink.
5. Those who censor reveal their mental condition for all to witness.
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Cool. Nice to see you here and read your words. You know what? I took a different approach to create reality and started to write a story, posting in the fiction category.
I found it amazing, to see your post now here.
My titles are: Barrion Bitcoin, manifesting life, a story with an open end.
It is out of topic you are talking about, more about the synchronicity!
Thank you for your post.

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