At the end of the 20th century, a new process was experienced in Venezuela, this process is called the Bolivarian revolution. A new revolution, that is to say of the 21st century where many of us identify with it, against capitalism that robbed us of our resources for so many years.
This reflection, from someone I will not mention, is a gigantic truth and is part of the tragedy that our country is experiencing.
The madurismo feels that it is owner and lord of the country, of Chávez's legacy for what, on account of "self-proclaimed children of the Comandante", feel that they have the right to betray the Bolivarian Revolution and the people.
No one has it. The Bolivarian Revolution, for which Comandante Chávez immolated himself, that dream of all, the product of the personal and collective effort of this process, which raised the banners of socialism and anti-imperialism, of which the people appropriated by making them their own, beyond the sectarian circle of madurismo.
They are ideas for which so many men and women gave their lives in the past in our country, in Latin America, in the whole world; and Comandante Chávez had the virtue of making them ours, raising the eyes of the people, thinking big. We had a collective dream and with it we moved forward and made the impossible, the extraordinary, become an everyday act. It was the "living well", the "Venezuela power", "the Plan of the Homeland".
Therefore, no one has the right to proclaim ownership of that dream, much less "heir", or holder of the "truth" of Chavez. Comandante Chávez belongs to us all, belongs to the people, is the only thing that remains, that mobilizes, is the only hope. His thinking can not remain between the walls of the bureaucrats, nor be converted into a "franchise" of the madurismo.
His departure and in what they have converted his dream, his revolution, has sadly given him the reason for his worst fears, and his infinite anguish for preserving his work in time.
For that reason, the responsibility of the government, the PSUV and the leaders who were there for so many years, is immense, it is irrevocable, historical.
In this moment in which the people are only suffering this tragedy that is sweeping the country, this huge crisis, we must remember Chavez, his work and unmask the betrayal and delivery of madurism. But beyond that, we must accompany him to resume the path of Chávez.
Criticism is an area very sensitive to many, there are those who do not tolerate it, they accuse those who exercise it of "anti-revolutionary", they call them "dissidents", they separate them from the Government, even those who support foundations that with practical reasons demonstrate their truths, others prefer to hide it, to hold the hidden side of reality, to live as the opposition says as "plugged in", to "take care of the one who will say", prefer not to say anything, keep silence, believe that the truth hurts them, when in honor of the same, she purifies, Lenin said, "truth is revolutionary" because it is concrete, it drives struggles, it encourages political action against social alienation, it demystifies reality, it exposes all the contradictions of a historical process, it is this is what occupies us in this political situation.
Lenin was very tolerant of Trotsky, Bukharin, etc., just as Bolivar was very self-critical about the fall of the First Republic in his "Cartagena Manifesto"; There are many examples, but in a matter of patriotic and revolutionary discipline, El Libertador was intolerant of Piar, although many years later he regretted his execution and, in matters of principle, remained loyal to the independence revolution. For all the above, the question comes: Can a citizen, a revolutionary criticize the revolution led by Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela? The answer is yes, and that is his duty, he can not renounce "the Potentia" as Dussel said, but that requires critical reflection with reality, dialogue with it from critical thinking and its constructive contribution.
Application of The Three Rs if the revolution is true you have to defend it.
When we do not respond to the needs of the people and their satisfactions, - we keep silent - we do not recognize mistakes, we do not give explanations to what happens, why do not we give solutions to the exercise of Popular Power, because we do not offer "Accountability"? , being like this; Then the people begin to speculate, to say to themselves, What is the change, we change to not change anything? Meanwhile, the opposition weaves lies, conspire and end up turning truths into false positives. For all that, they say "it is not easy to get to power, but it is more difficult to defend the revolution if it is true", from time to time the revolution needs the whip of the counterrevolution, to see if they become discouraged from the bureaucratic drowsiness and the gentrified comfort.
Revolutionary feeling of Bolivarian chavism
Let's give some cases by way of examples; What about the issue of garbage in Venezuela, in particular in Zulia, or can it be any other service, be it water, electricity, the most elementary ones, because they are not served as they should be, in a regular and quality way? of service ?, the government could defend itself and argue that, "they need spare parts, supplies, equipment, transportation, etc., and given the commercial and financial blockade, there is no possibility of facing it", but no, - there is political silence-- , the public press does not say anything, the public media do not say anything, there is a mutis, meanwhile the people passively contemplate the panorama, and what is waiting for the bureaucracy on our part, of those who militate in "the Bolivian chavismo" to differentiate it of the "critical chavismo", that we do not shut up, that we do not change, that we do as if nothing happened ?.
It is clear that in all social injustice there is a revolutionary feeling, in "every revolutionary act there is a revolutionary feeling" said Che Guevara, the rights of the people can not be violated, and even less a government that proclaims itself socialist, can not remain arms crossed and nothing to tell the people what happens ?, no, something must be done, we must address it, "obey by ordering" indicates Evo Morales, explain what happens, what happens, seriously, without making up the reality, without justifying the inefficiency and inefficiency, we can not hide that dark side, if we come to power it is to change, otherwise, others will take away the flags of struggle, the revolutionary flags.
Knee on the ground against the empire, but we also have to establish that the corrupt ones that damage our ideals must be named thanks for reading.


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