Researchers in China constructed a filter which removes salt from water very faster than traditional filters. Developement of filter model based on the model developed by British mathematician Alan Turning.
The filters membrane structure is of tubular strands and it is tens of nanometer in diameter.
Chinese scientist proved that alan turing mathematical model can be successfully used to form different 3D printed celular pattern of spots or stipes and tubular structure.
The model used reaction diffusion techniqe where two substances continously react with each other but diffuse through container at different rates and the inhibitor( quicker diffusing product) pushes back the reactor(slower diffusing product) and corralling the resulting product into a pattern of dots and stripes.
The Hangzhou scientists able to create first time a 3D turing structure out of a polyamid which is similar to nylon and created by the reaction between between the chemicals piperazine and timesoyl chloride and polyvinyle alcohol.
The result is a rough, porous mesh with a nanostructure resembling a Turing pattern that can be seen under an electron microscope. The team was able to produce variants showing both dots and tubes — the two types of self-organizing structure predicted by Turing’s model.
The resultant Turing filter is of tubular form and it could be used to purify brackish water and industrial wastewater effectively because of its larger surface area and also the membrane is effective to remove some impurities and canbe used as to pretreat seawater in desalination plants.
Above turning technique to produce tubular pattern can be used in regenerative medicinal application to produce artificial veins and bones and scientist next target to form higher order structure likes organs.