Today,👌team is happy to announce that we are launching a new tool for BitcoinCash app developers (or advanced users): 🥢
This API allows Bitcoin Cash application developers to submit their raw signed transactions to all post-november-15-fork Bitcoin Cash chains (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin NayBC etc.).
This tool allows application developers to continue operating their services during this crucial (and sad) period and to follow all chains.
In fact, no one knows how things will go during this contentious forking period, and which Bitcoin Cash forks are going to survive and to be supported by the community.
Early adopters of Bitcoin Cash and application developers like us at (a business social network that records proofs of referral and interest on-chain) cannot take the risk of losing any of their transactions during this period, and absolutely need to continue operating during the contentious fork. will allow Bitcoin Cash application developers to not be taken hostage in the conflicts opposing miners and/or protocol developers, and will be able to follow each chain incuring no additional costs, and by extension to operate their business normally during the conflicting period.
As you know, the process of forking the chain will duplicate the funds you own on each chain, by definition. Thus, processing your transaction will not cost you more coins than if you were recording it on a unique and non-forked Bitcoin Cash chain.
And finally, we will see how things will go and which chain(s) the market will decide to support, and which one to continue operating on.
Please take the time to read the project overview and goals, I will be happy to answer any of your questions here.
Also, we are live, but we will surely face issues so don't hesitate to report it on chopsticks GitHub or to contribute source code to the project. We are looking to provide more clients, currently we provide a Golang client and a SH script to you in order to try out the API.
Don't hesitate to give us feedback on chopsticks Telegram channel.
I am discussing some particular points dedicated to BCH application developers in the paid section.


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Upvoting for visibility. Sounds interesting! (I still have no idea what's going on and wondering what November will look like for users and businesses.)
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