Today I found out that the Asian OTC market, which supports Bitcoin Cash, among other cryptocurrencies, is planning to expand to Venezuela. This information I have confirmed through the official Telegram channel of the platform. Additionally, they told me that the Spanish language will be released into the platform this month.
For all those who do not know the meaning of the term, an OTC market is a platform that allows the trade between its users through buy and sell ads and an escrow system. That is, they have a dynamic similar to Localbitcoins.
The novelty of this information is that this company will offer its services to Venezuelans and could become an intuitive and functional alternative to the needs of the people of this country. Personally I think that the more companies that offer this and compete to consolidate themselves as Bitcoin Cash's localbitcoins, it's better for the community.

It is not the only alternative that could change things

As I have written before, at this moment, in Venezuela there is a gap in terms of an alternative that facilitates safe, fast and intuitive trade. Also, I have pointed out the reason why centralized exchanges are not such a practical alternative (mainly because they are easier to censor). That is why during the last months I have insisted on the need for a platform to offer services of this type in the Venezuelan market.
As I have also mentioned, from my perspective the consolidation of something of that kind is one of the elements that would most favor adoption in this context.
Lately my hopes in relation to the solution of this problem have been increasing. On the one hand, from the social networks of the Venezuelan exchange OTC "" they expressed to me that they plan in the future to add new cryptocurrencies, among them Bitcoin Cash (although the addition seems that it will not arrive so fast). Personally I really like the interface of that platform.
On the other hand, it is believed that tomorrow (Wednesday, September 5, 2018) will already be available the platform "", an Exchange OTC that will support Bitcoin Cash from the first day, and that could be the solution to the problems of many Venezuelans, or one of the multiple solutions that in the coming months will begin to compete for the attention of bitcoincashers in the country and beyond.
It seems that the first alternative of those mentioned in starting to offer their services in Venezuela will be "". As soon as I can access some of these platforms I will write about them, and the advantages and disadvantages that I see in different aspects.


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