Being a project that was born humbly, and that our work is being rewarded, we have decided to meet with the relevant authorities, in this case we use Venezuela's national radio to encourage our project.
Yesterday we had media coverage by the national radio and our receptivity was very well received, we need to promote and be the flag of hundreds of initiatives promoted by the government, and even more to be managers of a good project, our radio will focus on three key points.
  • Go to the communities to thereby receive complaints from the people live and direct.
  • Help foundations will be promoting their initiatives, economically or with social workshops.
  • Promote the most important of the human being. Education, the right that every human being has to receive ... Promoting readings, works and essays. In this way to reach the youngest.

Yesterday we exposed these three key points in our social radio, we want to continue growing and this is achieved thanks to the collaboration of people throughout Venezuela, either ecnomicamente, or as many putting their two cents in logistics, in this case was the help with the contact, we could expose our point and our project on the national radio. We believe that we can be a commune a radio that embraces the social thing that we have achieved modestly, and we will continue to grow. Thank you. Really, thank you so much.
We will be giving workshops to encourage reading. radio media but it is worth noting that we promote reading because it has a lot of benefits in the life of all people and is the basis of culture. Through reading, we access an important part of the information, help in the development of the imagination and mental abilities and, in particular, it is essential during the school stage; in fact, the school success rate (or failure) is strongly linked to the child's ability to read and understand what he reads. A child who reads adequately is a child who is closest to success in school and, therefore, contact with books should be encouraged in the youngest as soon as possible.


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