For the low, low price of $150, I will write, from scratch, with my own keyboard 1,000 words of Operation Dragonslayer fiction.
I promise to:
  1. Not buy multiple comments from my own post to inflate earnings;
  2. Not reply to my own post with my own accounts to look like real users; and
  3. My fiction will be better written, and more fake-Chinese than:

realmojo> hi man realmojo> i hope you are the one i’ve been looking for for some time realmojo> a couple of years ago we briefly met via my ex [censored] at the swing fest and i showed you something interesting realmojo> do you remeber? jeffry42> You are the bitcoin guy?? jeffry42> You must be rich by now. What’s the matter? realmojo> hehe, not quite yet realmojo> but i was hoping you will help me with that realmojo> have you heard of “Operation Dragonslayer” jeffry42> That depends. jeffry42> How curious are you? realmojo> a lot. I know the who and the when but not what coins will be pumped and in what order realmojo> i was hoping maybe you could help me with that jeffry42> 1Ajmb9A2boyor2ZvXYE74RwpXBW4pRrvjE jeffry42> 0.8 BTC
Saw this on Reddit a few days before he posted here and Steemit:
This is the BTC address for the "hongkong investment banker" [sic] (lol).
Curious how he's a Chinese whale, but instead of using a fresh address, he uses an address that had 19 BTC sitting on it from July? Curious also, that every single transaction is immediately spent.
More curious, it is, that every transaction is from an address with an immediate first-in/first-out and left with a zero balance:
Now, I don't have a technical background and I'm not a forensic analyst, but when I take a look at my own transactions on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, when I look at my Yours address on Blockchair, I see countless input transactions, most of which are unspent, and first seen receiving/last seen receiving have the natural organic usage that you'd expect.
Also, it has a balance remaining after I moved some of the money to my Ledger Nano S.
So, as always, friends, caveat emptor.
There are many, many scammers around who are looking to take your money if you're desperate to give it away, and they use a variety of thinly-veiled tactics, which are designed to work on those who are a little more... desperate and gambling oriented.
No words behind the paywall. If someone actually wants to waste $150-$250-$500, I will at least write some more... palatable fiction.
Heck, I'll even guess at "which coins will be pumped and in what order" more accurately than codemojo can.
How to Detect a Charlatan 101
1. Besides the fact that the post is literally titled info from a hongkong investment banker...
What investment banker who bought Bitcoin 6 fucking years ago isn't a whale?
2. That's neither how Bitcoin nor exchanges work. It also shows an even worse understanding of the specifics of blockchain transactions than I have (hint: I just trade and blog)
3. Literally admitting he wrote it as fiction. And yes, you will get better fiction from me.
The house of cards is crumbling
In the log run this won't matter
Ding ding ding, we have a winner! The ol' scammer bullying the scammed. Nice one, dood.
Don't get scammed. If you want to spend $150-8,000 USD on impulse, give it to the Bitcoin Cash Fund
Stop the Organ Harvesting Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party:


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