I know there is a lot of confusing information about what is happening in Bolivia and that is why we try to inform you, ask you to join us and keep reporting.

First of all, it is important to make it clear that, this is a coup d'etat and a coup to social organizations, a coup led by civic organizations from the east, business organizations from landowners and oligarchs. It is a fundamentalist coup, because it proposes returning the bible to the palace to put the country in the hands of God, it is a deeply racist coup because it seeks and identifies the women and the original men within the organizations and scouts them.

Last night the police have mutinied and this morning all the regiments have mutinied with a specific request for their sector. But they also join this civic coup and also demand the resignation of Evo Morales; The police are no longer guarding the cities, the police are no longer in the streets.

For their part, the military have made a statement this morning, they have tried to ignore their commander, saying they will not leave. They are planning a contempt for President Morales; they will not go out to protect, they will not go out to face people, they will not go out to demobilize, that is, they are hit by the civic, the businessmen, the oligarchs. This is not spreading because internally in Bolivia the media are owned by businessmen and power groups, the idea that it is a coup d'etat and a coup to social organizations is not clear, it is not clear that it is A racist coup.

Likewise, what is happening in the country is not being disseminated, the headquarters of the peasant social organizations are burning, the headquarters of the indigenous social organizations, they are burning the spaces that the movement has had to socialism, its headquarters, its spaces. It is important to remember that the movement to socialism is an instrument shaped by social organizations.

They are also burning houses of indigenous authorities, leaders and social leaders; our companions, our brothers, are being persecuted, we are being persecuted in the streets, because we have taken the public space to find a way to resist, but we have been persecuted and intimidated. These groups that call themselves civic, are wanting to state that it is a recovery of democracy, but this is false, because we did not live in a dictatorship. They are wanting to state that their organization is civil resistance, but this is also false, because they are armed groups. Compañeras, sisters, are groups that have spears, helmets, shields, gases, explosives and that are also using sexual violence.

I think they use these weapons to pose a supposed civil coup, but don't forget that behind those weapons are those of the police and the military, so it is a theater they are carrying out to say that it is not a coup . We know that it is a coup d'etat, that it is with violence, that it is generating terror and that it is racist punishment because they are going to all indigenous, indigenous and peasant social organizations. They have taken the Confederation of Peasant Workers (CSUTCB), they have tied a fellow journalist director of that radio he was broadcasting and so far he is still kidnapped, he is still tied. They have looted, they have destroyed the CSUTCB, they have lowered the Wiphala that was hoisted in this headquarters and they have raised the tricolor flag, the flag of Bolivia, it has been prayed and the national anthem has been sung.

That is what they have done in all the organizations they have taken, they have come down, they have broken and they have burned the Wiphala, they have prayed and they have set their flag. That is a lesson from racism, from colonialism, that is a lesson for organizations that have been in this process of change. This is a persecution of organizations and that is not going out in the media, the only thing that has been shown in the media is that violence is generated by the MAS and by the government.

Currently the government no longer has the support of the police or the military, social organizations are reorganizing to resist and the organizations that are most likely to put pressure are those that are preparing to make a siege to the cities, those are Peasant and native organizations. The CSUTCB has already stated that it will make a fence, which will close the water supply, this will surely be denounced as violence, but we have no other possibility. What he is asking for is to leave the city Luis Fernando Camacho, who is leading this coup and all the people who have arrived in the civic committee of Santa Cruz and who have taken the city.

This is a situation we did not expect, we had not seen so many people who suddenly took the city, institutions, national television, community radios with such violence and generating terror; that is, today they have us hidden, persecuted and that is not going out in the media. I ask you to share that what we are living in Bolivia is a coup d'etat, with violence, with persecution and punishment against indigenous women and men. Therefore, we need the pressure and international denunciation of social organizations.

The Evo has called for a dialogue, we believe as community anti-patriarchal feminists that this is out of time, that the right will not want any dialogue, wants to get the Evo in the worst humiliating conditions and give him in his body and organizations a lesson, so that the country continues to exist about colonialism and racism managed by oligarchs and businessmen.

We ask that you can disseminate this information, the complaint and international pressure is very important.


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