Last summer, I converted from BTC to BCH but was indifferent about Craig Wright.
I had only bought the propaganda I had heard that he was "Faketoshi", a Fraud, "all the rest", and "whatever else", "et cetera".
I had seen the clip of him telling Rwanda that 'I have more money than your whole country' and thought that he was kind of a dick.
I never looked into him at the time. I had only seen news stories that somehow this Australian Computer Scientist was Satoshi Nakamoto. Unbelievable.
I attended my first Bitcoin Cash meetup at the time in San Jose, and a guy said about Craig Wright:
"You know, I cannot find a single thing I disagree with him on."
(credit to @asharmacali for waking me up)
After this, I went on a binge researching everything about Craig from him being doxxed to the BBC interview to his amazingly candid Arnhem presentation.
In my previous article, I referenced that same clip. I re-watched it after all this research and noticed that his message to Rwanda was ultimately positive if you watch the whole video.
The playlist I link below is a compilation of each YouTube video (that I could find) that Craig Wright is being interviewed, is speaking in or is part of a panel.
This playlist is unlisted so the only way to view it is to have the direct link.
The list contains 95 videos in total, for the most part sorted in no particular order - except the first seven and the last few grouped together (his latest).
In this search I found some videos that I had not seen as of today, so hopefully this provides a good source of information to those looking for it.
I will continue to update this list over time so that this link can be used to have a central spot to watch videos featuring him.
Edited: Added a link for those who do not have accounts:


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You are awesome!
This is very well spent money for me. Thank you very much.
I do not and can not have wi-fi currently. I use mobile data to keep on track and occasionaly go to a bar with wi-fi to download videos. Like today :)
What you just created will be very useful for me.
I was in Arnhem. Not at the conference but appeared to be there after, at one dinner party.
I had no much of clue about Bitcoin yet. But that event made me join BCH, after the split.
Money Button and Ryans knowledge sharing made me to go with BSV.
About two month ago, after being ill, I read article by Craig, and announced to my family, that I now think, beleive, that he is the creator of Bitcoin.
Funny, his tweets made me sometimes sick in my belly, but I kept open mind. When reading articles now, the tone, the energy of him, has total opposite effect on me :)
Thanks again for sharing and creating the list :)

   8mo ago
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