Many believed that Satoshi had created bitcoin with the intention of freeing people from the oppression of the state, the manipulation and impoverishment of individuals carried out by the central banks of the world
Apparently it was an invention designed to solve a specific field of activity to which he was engaged, without imagining the great impact it would have and the consequences for the future of humanity.
If Dr Craigh was satoshi, now we know that although it was not his intention to create bitcoin as something libertarian or anarchist, since he now appeals to the use of bitcoin in the business field and argues that it is a protocol friendly to governments (which is excellent to boost its mass adoption and marketing).
The reality is that Dr Craig Satoshi has created (everything indicates that unintentionally) the most powerful and liberating tool of humanity, by snatching from governments the monopoly of the creation of money, the cornerstone of current governmental systems and the cause of the exploitation of millions of human beings on this planet, with their consequent injustice and poverty in which they live
Congratulations Dr Craig
Congratulations Satoshi
Long live bitcoin


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