(I wrote this 3 days ago and left it as a draft. It still needs to be improved, but I wanted it published so it could get things going.) The founder of this place, Ryan X. Charles, made a post 4 months ago about copyright violations being a bannable offense.
I propose the notion of Copyleft to be included in the arena of ideas here.
Wiki, copyleft.org, GNU, opensource.com - here are some places for information and ideas about copyleft.
I think Jeffrey Tucker does an excellent talk on this as well.
I am not in favor of people taking other people's effort and replicating it as being their own without their consent; while I feel there is no moral violation, it certainly does not show well on reputation, nor is the author whose effort was used without reference or consent, likely to want to co-create or participate with the person who copy and pasted the effort they manifested. It's rude as hell.

What are the benefits of the copyleft philosophy?

Instead of people taking advantage of others' effort and time by reposting it in full, an air of supporting authors and creators would change the incentive structure to that of wanting to say whose content it is that you're reposting -- and so to reap the rewards that go with it.
What rewards? Well, the idea is that, same as voting on a post gets a voter money when someone else also votes on it, re-sharing/blogging/posting content would have clearly shown whom the original author is, and votes on that post go to both the re-share and the original author, with any additional comments that the re-poster might have to add. That means that whatever additional creative content that the re-share author puts into play that is voted on, that money funnels into the original author. Likewise, if someone copies the link to the article and someone else, a year later, visits that re-share and tips or votes on it (however it would work) that money would still go to the original author as well.
The main issue I foresee for this is that of multiple people having things to say that would clutter the screen; this could be resolved in a number of different ways, such as each re-poster being included as like how the voters currently are now, and clicking to each of their re-postings would give you access to any text they might have to add, or that their repost comment/content would be added in a similar way that comments are currently done, but distinguished in some way, like being indented to the left or right.
(The above to give a sense for the long-term feasibility, sociability, and profitability for all involved.)
Instead of battling against spam, people would be incentivized to be polite, respectful, and creative community would be, I think, automatic - indeed, the atmosphere might be infected with it, the same way that we currently have fb and other places infected with spam.
Instead of banning users, they would stay and become a valuable yours.org member, which would benefit everyone involved, and save tons of effort, energy, headache, and heartache, on an ongoing, systemic basis.
This problem could be turned on its head into a golden opportunity for everyone to win, and win BIG.
It is my wish to get a conversation going between big proponents of copyleft and the big proponents of BCH and yours.org.