Dr. Craig Wright has offered 50 pre-fork bitcoins to anyone who can figure out his brain wallet. In March 2019, Craig Wright published an article in Predict and Medium entitled "How to make a brain wallet." In it Craig shows a page from a book, which, he says, he quite enjoyed. He states that it has a key associated with it that can unlock 50 pre-fork bitcoin. Craig goes through his process and offers the 50 BTC, 50 BCH, and 50 BSV to anyone who can figure out his process. It's designed, I think, to show that a good brain wallet can be made with as little as four words.
Near the end, he shows how to hash "Who is John Galt?" to derive a private key. Craig says that brain wallets can be "incredibly secure," and he offers as proof that no one has yet discovered the key and he thinks probably nobody ever will solve the puzzle and collect the treasure he offers to us.
This has added info about the book he "quite enjoyed" as well as the case in Note 13, and more.

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