How to create Money Button in 5 steps.

You can watch videos first. One is with music, and Other Money Button Wallet. One with with my talk over and Other Wallet. I am showing wallet.
With music:

With talk over:
Step 1.
Go to, click Get My Money Button

Step 2
Choose Tip or Buy (the difference is, that tip button can be used manytimes, buy button once)

Step 3
Choose you label. Either Amount or Amount & Label

Step 4
Choose where do you want to receive the money:
Other Wallet (paste BCH address) I used wallet. You can also get free Bch over there!
My Money Button Wallet (for those who registered on MoneyButton page. This is option I choose, becasue like that I can also use the Money Button to GIVE)
Other Money Button Wallet ( that is if you are creating Money Button for a different user. )

I tried all of the options. And all work just fine.

Copy Code and place to your website. A plus icon is there to reveal the code. I use witdget custom HTML. Add it to site bar, footer or to individual posts.

In five easy steps indiviudals can create Money Button. Tool, that allows anyone to monetize content.



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