Attentive to everything that can inform and grow the hopes and wallet of our Venezuelan brothers, the Emeeseese Team pleasantly discovered a place that to our surprise is designed for the map of the beautiful country Venezuela, ladies and gentlemen, prepare your wardrobe because we Let's go for a walk and we'll know what it's about. CriptoLugares

What is CriptoLugares about?

For the well-being of many, a young Venezuelan named Juan Carlos Petit developed an application where you can visualize throughout the map of Venezuela which places are receiving cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.
At first glance, perhaps many of us who are part of other borders would not understand why the development of an application for brothers who are going through a severe economic crisis, but nevertheless the news only confirms the will and the resistance of those who stand firm they make life and continue betting on their country.
Al Emeeseese Team seems to have a great idea of ​​everything that is being developed, for the following reasons:
  • Every day more Venezuelans seek to solve an economic crisis by being part of the Blockchain.
  • Venezuelans not only cross other geographical borders but also intellectuals using platforms like this one.
  • Venezuelan merchants have recognized the growing world of the block chain and have adapted it to their payment-payment transactions.

For this and more reasons, receive our most sincere congratulations

Where can you find the application?

The App is available for free through the Google Play Store, which indicates that you can download it to your mobile device if you wish, we also leave your link
Something you must take into account once you enter the link of the Google Play Store, is that the same page will take you directly to the page of your email to fill certain data and only then you can "Install" the application without further problem.

Where else can you find out about the application?

Another way to stay informed about the events, growth and development of this application is through your twitter account @criptolugares, which starts with a welcome message for new businesses that could be used as a concept to understand in a few words the essence of the application
If you are interested in following them through this means, we also leave the link:
And finally we leave an image of the official site of CriptoLugares, where you can be witnesses of the different branches of establishments that have begun to accept the cryptoactive as means of payment.
We hope you enjoy this news as much as we do and that you can take the pleasant surprise that the site that each one of you has with this type of business, if not, it is only a matter of waiting and in a short time they will enjoy the benefit of restaurants , hotels, workshops, shops, taxi lines, tourist sites among many that will add to the new financial future: the Blockchain.



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