Today we visited the Padre Machado home for the elderly located in La Victoria, Aragua State.
As a child I used to visit this house every Sunday with my father and we played and did recreational activities with the grandparents who lived in the institution since this was a way to encourage them, my father through his work in the animal feed company "Purina" I got donations of food, medicines, diapers etc since many of the grandparents who lived there were abandoned and had no family, which is a very sad thing, but we always tried to make the grandpa smile and in some way let them know that they were not alone.
A few days ago we managed to contact the director of the institute and we asked about the conditions of the institution, and the director's answers were not pleasant. Her words were: we do not have food to feed them or medicines for their illnesses, many of our employees have been gone from the country and now we only have 4 employees, 2 of liempieza and 2 in charge of the kitchen.
Today we decided to visit this institute to see the situation and try to help and what we found was terrible, the rooms only have lighting when the sun rises and when the sun goes down the rooms are dark, the grandparents do not have their medicines, they do not have diapers of adults that many need them since due to their illnesses they do not have the capacity to be able to go to the bathroom, as for the food, they eat a small portion of rice about 2 times a day to try to calm the hunger.
However bitcoincashvenezuela team carry some food while we crowdfunding and buy enough food for the institution.
The conditions of the paper with the name of our team, was because some of the grandparents broke the paper and we had to improvise.
Here the photographs that we took from the institute:
Grandfather José Perdomo suffers from Down Syndrome
Grandfather Nelson Jesus also with Down Syndrome
Grandpa Ramón Azuaje suffers from cardiovascular problems and hypertension
Grandpa Ramon remembering old times
Grandfather Eduardo Diaz suffers from hypertension problems
Grandpa Rafael Zambrano suffers from Down syndrome and cardiovascular problems
Room where some of the grandparents sleep
Father Santiago Florencio Machado, Founder of the institution (1850 - 1939)
These were some of the foods that we donated to the institution
On behalf of our team and the institution we ask for your help and support, we always try to show our transparency beyond criticism and bad comments.
What will we do with the money raised?
The money we raise will be exchanged for a fiat currency (VEF) Bolivar Fuerte, we will invest in food, milk, oats, medicines, diapers for adults and all the necessary supplies for the health and well-being of our grandparents. We will also make a donation of money to the directive of the institution to pay the salaries of employees.
Thanks, from the bitcoincashvenezuela team


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Are you guys different from eatBCH? If yes, did you try contacting them for support?
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Thanks for your help friend, our project is inspired by eatBCH
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