Last week, I developed a Proof-of-Concept crowdfunding module for the Electron Cash wallet. Here's what this is all about: Bitcoin gives you the ability to do a crowdfunding type transaction through the ALL|ANYONECANPAY Sighash flag. This means a bunch of different people can sign only their own input but for the same transaction output. For example, lets say I want to fundraise 100 BCH for a project. Individuals can donate 1 BCH, 2 BCH, 0.4 BCH, whatever they wish. None of the inputs will be valid unless the entire 100 BCH is raised. There is the existing Lighthouse application which basically does this, but I'm unfamiliar with and I think most in the community are. I thought it would be beneficial if we can have this kind of functionality from within the familiar Electron Cash wallet.
So I built it :) Keep in mind this is just a proof of concept; it still needs a lot of clean up and review before it makes it to an official wallet release. I am actually proud of the fact that we have such a nice little community within Electron Cash that can review and vet changes to make sure they are safe and sensible and well engineered. Stuff doesn't just get released because I like it. Also, keep in mind even once this is built, we will still need some other means of communication/coordination between users to post the projects, collect donations, etc. The wallet part just handles the transaction pieces. So far the wallet has a new context menu from the UTXO (Coins) tab where you can select a coin to create an ANYONECANPAY input well as tool to create a fully assembled transaction from the inputs. Here's a few screen shots:



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