Day 1, Morning
The tents are up, the fireplace is set, and Ross is fiddling with the last camera stand. We’ve made pretty good time, too! I’m typing this on the computer we’ll be using to keep track of the area around here using the cameras. It and the rest of the surveillance equipment are practically built into the van at this point. Normally we use this stuff for our ghost hunting show, but for... various reasons I won’t go into right now, we have a week where we don’t have to bother with that. So my brother and I decided to look into a fairly recent rumor about a monster in these woods. Usually I don’t believe in rumors until they’ve been proven to be correct (which is my job to do so), but this one is interesting, because it only popped up in the past few months. What could have those people seen that created the rumor? We want to find out.
The monster in question, from what I can tell, is a sort of shape shifter. It’s said to show up in weird, unusual or out of place forms, freaking out locals and tourists. Pretty standard stuff, really, not much different from other cryptids that people never actually see, but who knows? Maybe we actually see something. So far though, the only thing I’ve seen was a deer in the distance, and a squirrel up in a nearby tree. I think it’s making a nest, or whatever squirrels tend to do on trees…
There are still some cameras to calibrate and synch to our laptop, so I better go. We’re going to be here for about a week, so best make the most of it.
Day 1, Evening
We set up all nine of our cameras scattered around the nearby forest and mountainside. We even tested them thoroughly, so if anything moves out there overnight, we’ll know about it.
It’s getting late. I might just retreat into the tent. The laptop and equipment will be safe in the van. Time to let this stuff work its magic.
Day 2, Morning
Nothing of interest was recorded by the cameras overnight. Then again, we didn’t expect to find something in just one day. We’ll keep the equipment running of course.
I’m convinced that that squirrel lives in that tree specifically, because it won’t leave, and keeps staring at us. It’s a little unnerving.
Day 2, Evening
Ross said he’s been keeping track of the squirrel. It acts like any other squirrel, so it can’t be the shape shifter. Oh well. I still don’t like it.
Day 3, Morning
I saw a deer in one of the camera footages. Sadly, it was probably just an average deer. There’s no way to tell otherwise. Maybe we should rethink this strategy… the shape shifter can appear in any mundane form, making it impossible to actually tell it apart from, well, the mundane. It might have been that deer and we’d never know.
Day 3, Evening
Ross and I agreed that the best course of action is to fit the cameras with some extra layers of “perception” that we can switch between. Infrared, EMP, heat vision and whatever else we usually use for ghost hunting. We didn’t install them day one because… well, we didn’t think of it. I have no idea if any of these could even tell a shifter apart from other things, but no reason not to try, right?
Day 4, Morning
It took a while, but we went around the area for most of the last evening and this morning, upgrading our surveillance with the extra layers. We agreed it wouldn’t be a good idea to wander around at night. Now we can observe the camera footages and see if anything stands out.
Day 4, Evening
Something knocked over one of the cameras. We couldn’t tell what it was because it happened from behind the device, and by the time we got there, the clearing was empty. That’s all that happened today.
Day 6, Morning
I didn’t write anything yesterday because nothing happened. Seems like the extra layers of observation aren’t doing us any favors. On top of that, animals are starting to get a bit too comfortable with our presence. More and more they come into our camp, curiously checking into our bags and one time even our tent. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be finding anything here anymore, so we’re considering just going home. It’s a shame.
Day 6, Evening
Ross and I agreed that it would be pointless to stay out here another night. Early in the afternoon I found that dang squirrel rummaging through my bag in the tent while we were out gathering the cameras. I kind of hate its guts. We packed up the cameras, the tents, and Ross is just finishing packing into the van while I’m writing this.
Hopefully, if next time we go out looking for something, we’ll actually find something. Or at least something will happen. And we won’t have to deal with any squirrels.
Or maybe we did meet the cryptid and we just never realized. We may never know.



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