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According to Investing.com in the first months of the year 2018 “Venezuela has been the most interested country in cryptocurrencies”. Since some time ago our country is considered one of the major cryptocurrencies. This is due to the Venezuela economic situation. Consequently, many Venezuelan citizens have found the use of cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin, a manner to mitigate the lack of currency and the economic crisis, up to the point that transactions realized with this currency triplicate Brazil ones and even is near to those from China which controls about a 70% of the market.
Being cryptocurrencies a descentralized monetary system which does not need intermediaries, bank or financial institutions to circulate; then it cannot be regulated or intervened by the Venezuelan government. Venezuelans consider virtual currencies a way to protect their savings and since cryptocurrencies are dollars rated they take it into account as good option to avoid the devaluated Bolivar.
Today exists in Venezuela dozens of internet groups and forums with more than seven thousand members (and the number grows day to day) inside a dynamic and robust cryptocurrency buy and sell market of conversion either to Bolivars or dollars. This improve the black market and generate more earnings to the Venezuelan people.
However, does exist in Venezuela a real cryptocurrency acceptance?. In my humble opinion it does not occur, because cryptocurrencies are seen by the majority of Venezuelan trading individuals like an investment tool to obtain either dollars or Bolivars benefits. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency communities like Dash, since some time ago through a series of conferences and expositions denominated “Dash city” have been doing a good job. In this way Venezuelan entrepreneurs are motivated to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method for products and services and also businesspersons are involved to accept the currency they promote (Dash).
For our part, as a community of Bitcoin Cash Venezuela together with The Bitcoin Cash Fund, who are a community project whose objective is to promote and accelerate the adoption of the BCH, we have been working in Venezuela with educational events and projects (all sponsored and supported by the BCF), not only to carry information about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin Cash, but also so that people and businesses are encouraged to receive BCH as a form of payment, because that is where the true adoption is, that Venezuelans can use cryptocurrencies not only as a form of investment, savings and purchase-sale but as a payment system, we can go to any trade and buy or pay with Bitcoin Cash.
Taking this into consideration, The Bitcoin Cash Fund has focused its attention and efforts in our country to finance all projects proposals to help us to stimulate the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash” as the prevalent currency. So far we are four Venezuelan ambassadors working in the following cities or states: Mérida, Acarigua, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Valencia y Nueva Esparta. More persons are needed who are hearted volunteers to the Bitcoin Cash project, belong to our Venezuelan BCH team and help us to promote this currency.
A young student named Juan Carlos Petit, 24 years old, has developed an application denominated CriptoLugaresVE which allows to find places and shops where cryptocurrencies are accepted. This app already available in Google Play Store provides to the users a complete map about shops or services where digital currencies are accepted and is divided in categories such as: Hotels, entertainment, restaurants, among others. Our purpose as a Venezuelan BCH community is to be able to increase BCH shops inside this application.
On the other hand, we own an internet page Bitcoincasher, where BCH events realized around the world can be found and to keep actualized about Bitcoin Cash. We also have a Venezuelan reward program #GastaBCH which anybody can access, read, participate and win 5 $ in BCH. We are in the beginning of a new monetary digital payment system of our own digital money, we can guarantee to be the real owners, without intermediaries and nor banking entity to tell us how much money to withdraw from our bank accounts (Venezuelan case). So that we can in fact dispose of our money: send and receive it from anywhere of the world performing transactions in seconds and confirming in minutes. We need a real adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela.
In this manner we encourage our countrymen who wish to involve into our team to contact us throug Discord, there can pinpoint Lizbeth Alviarez in canal #Venezuela. Here are other social networks to subscribe and keep informed about our job:


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And this is why I say (and why this saying holds true):
"Necessity is mother of all inventions"
When people want to create things just so they can make money, it ends up in over-consumption, pollution, corruption, greed and wars fought for market share in the world by the rich, so they can control governments of nations they don't have businesses in yet.
When things are invented because there is a NEED for it, it doesn't need to be advertised and forced into people, people accept it with open hands, and wars are not needed to promote and expand such things.
Bitcoin Cash will do good wherever it gets adopted, and people that adopt it will benefit from it, and sooner you adopt it, them ore benefit you will have later.
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There is still a long way to go in Venezuela regarding the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment system, there is a lot of fear on the part of merchants to accept cryptocurrencies even though the government declared them to be completely legal in the country. In social networks I can read many negative comments about the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, we have a great job who are dedicated to promoting cryptocurrencies: dispel this false information and disclose the real benefits of the adoption not only of BCH but also other cryptocurrencies.
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