Heads up to all of you who have enjoyed the first act of Arrows of the Leviathan: our Kickstarter will launch next week! In addition, we will be releasing the book daily in separate chapters on Yours, Akasha and Steemit.
Now that we’ve made this announcement, let’s answer a key question for any of you: why support the crowdfunding on this book?

Why Support This Book: How big of an impact can a book actually make?

Humans have developed their storytelling abilities over time to communicate different messages. Since our beginning, we have told stories to explain where food exists, to tag which enemies to avoid and to show how to navigate various lands and waters. Where a picture is worth a thousand words, the right story can be more persuasive than a million statistics. How many people have been taught about governmental power through the novels of George Orwell? How many more have learned about the nature of humanity from Aldous Huxley? As history demonstrates, we can steer our societies toward awareness and change with our cultural works.
Recent news, trends, and discussion boards have blown up with discussion and debate around Bitcoin and the like, but what does the world really know about the potential of cryptocurrency? Why should we bother with decentralization? How will our world evolve when the coercive power of government is ameliorated? There have been many takes on cryptocurrency from cyberpunk writers, and the cryptocurrency community is deeply in debt to their guiding forethought. Now, Arrows of the Leviathan tells a compelling cautionary tale against dangers of suppressing a culture of freedom. Your pledge to support this book can help to spread this message and safeguard the hard-fought advances that cryptocurrency has actually achieved.
What is Arrows of the Leviathan?
Arrows of the Leviathan is a heart-stopping action adventure techno-thriller. Do you like the writing of Brad Thor, Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler? Do you enjoy a twist of James Bond or the current storylines from the Call of Duty series? Take a look at Arrows.
A grieving veteran's life turns upside down when he joins a team pursuing a billion dollar bounty. A team of hackers, spies and soldiers-of-fortune chase Debyan Radchenko, alleged terrorist and inventor of a revolutionary Cryptocurrency. Spurred by a mysterious benefactor providing advanced technology, the team collides with rival hunters and the World government. From the dusty alleys of post-coup Saudi Arabia, an information broker's Goan fortress to the gleaming skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the veteran fulfills his promise to his beloved at a mysterious island.
Not a heavy, speech-driven data-dump, Arrows is written both to entertain and enlighten. The book includes a number of near-future technologies like parametric design, nanotech, cryptocurrency, drones, 3D printing and quantum computing. Moreover, it leads us to ask whether a new societal structure can make our individual lives better and to question whether we should pull out of any dark future our elites are trying to move us toward.
Take a look at what’s been released (beta) on Steemit and Yours. You can also download an ebook and .pdf preview.
Stay tuned for the official launch this next week. It’s going to be exciting!
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