Here is my friend Tamir doing some movements while walking along a fallen tree in Carpathian mountains, Ukraine, during his usual everyday martial arts workout. The ability to stand firmly on your feet AND stay fast and flexible at the same time is essential.
As I am studying many different things (including cryptoworld communities :) I come to realize more and more that this ability is essential not only in martial arts, but in many aspects of life as well.
Kung fu is NOT what we do for 1.5 hours twice a week in some room filled with students. It's not what we practice for one hour a day under someone's supervision. I've been taught that Kung Fu is life itself, every day, 24/7. And it's up to every one of us if we live and practice it this way, every moment and every breath... Or we just live some other kind of life (which is not bad, just different).
For more pics and short videos of my friends practicing you can visit our Instagram here...
Oh, and I wish Yours would add "sports" or "martial arts"... or "health" community on here ))
Have a great day/night everyone! As for me, I am heading to browse your latest posts.


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Yes, you are right... nature is designed to have a balance... economic system of Capitalism (and Feudalism before it, as well as Monarchy) are designed to take the balance away and to create imbalance, which is why whole society is completely fucked up.
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