Two weeks ago since my last article, it's really because the internet service has been intermittent. Also, my work and having to overcome the everyday situations that Venezuela has put us to live in today takes a lot of time and energy.
The more time passes I realize that this statement is very true: life is very short and you have to put life to every second. During these two weeks, I was learning a lot in a bakery course that I am attending on Sundays.
Also, I was teaching some friends and coworkers about cooking. For me this is very important, because I started working peeling potatoes. Sacks and sacks of potatoes. And I learned many things alone, nobody taught me. And that's why I screwed up a lot. I wish I had someone to teach me in those early days.
The days pass and I have also come closer to God, realizing that without him there is nothing, only God Enough. My heart really feels better since I started praying daily. And understanding that there is no better preach than the example you give with your own life.
Today I want to thank God for all that I have, I ask wisdom for the world to move towards a society of Peace and tolerance, for my family and friends. Amen. Tomorrow, November 1, I am 26 years old: And I just want to give life to every second of the time God has arranged for me on this earthly plane, giving thanks for all his blessings, I ask you to give me wisdom and strength to face every moment of my life to make the best decisions.
"I want to ask for your support to start this project that I have been developing for a long time, I only need $ 300 to buy the raw material and keep prices and beat hyperinflation. With this I aspire to pay by my own means the end of my cooking course and achieve a better quality of life for my family and relatives. If you can and want to help me I will be really grateful."



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