So a lot of you guys are also active on reddit and if you've been browsing on the nsfw subreddits you probably know that a bunch of them require verification or at least encourage it and posters that are verified get a special flair.
I've been posting on yours for a while now but I think it's sad that there's no verification. Because technically you can just steal pics repost them and the people who pay for the content have no idea. I think that's totally unfair...
I love bitcoin cash and I love you've probably seen my posts on the nsfw catagory before. So I decided to finally do a voluntary verification post. I hope other girls will take the initiative to do the same.
I love you guys <3 Here's another freebie!
Thanks for the support! 💕 (7 pics behind paywall)



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How do you think verification should work?
   2yr ago
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@Porn Throwaway
I think verification doesn't have to be too complicated in the beginning so something like post one picture with a piece of paper that says the date, username and and get some kind of badge next to your username.
Kind of like how all the gonewild subreddits handle it.
   2yr ago