Im preparing for the future. are you? BCH and capitalism will enable more resources to be available, hence, more resources available for research. Not competing, not improving, not building, is not a good choice. The world will change, humans will evolve. But if you want to guarantee a ticket to the future, You need to participate in the economy more actively. I've experienced the hedonist lifestyle and the subsistence lifestyle. And put simply, if you want access to the fruits of society, you too have to contribute to it. all this decentralization talk just reminds me of people wanting to homestead, grow their own food, be self reliant. Its the exact same reason why factories prevail, and everybody running their own 3D printer and farm does not work. Why is it a terrible idea to be self-reliant? Put simply, if you dont offer something to society, why should society trade the products of their labor to you? are you going build a self sufficient computer factory? i don't think so. do you want access to computers? probably yes. Our time, resources, and knowledge are limited. A superior strategy is to specialize and trade.
Every time i hear of this whole decentralization issue. It reminds me of preppers buying gold, homesteading and trying to be self sufficient from society. Just consider that if you dont want to offer goods and service to others, why would you expect to receive goods and services from them. The logical extension to everybody running their own bitcoin node, is everybody running their own 3D printer, their own farm, their own everything. That will probably never happen. My communication skills are not superb but I hope to have provided value to the reader. P.S. regardless of your opinion on transhumanism. Biotechnology (maybe CRISPR CAS-9) will soon enable us to extend our lives. If you dont have something to offer to those building and researching technology, you risking not having access to it. And do NOT count on open source technology, there is no guarantee that the open source researchers will provide these things.


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