Despite the crisis, I wake up every day to fight for my life and that of my family. Despite the crisis, I trust my abilities to get ahead. Although I only have enough to eat, I do not lose hope of finding a way for the economic prosperity of my family and for me. In spite of everything, I have my friends and family with whom I have a good time and laugh, despite the bad.
And this is what life is all about: not losing hope, working to improve your life until you achieve your goals. Be it God, the Universe or just luck. When you direct your life, you give direction, you set goals, despite the obstacles and problems you have and you are presented: you will achieve your goals. Because life sees that you are focused, know what you want and where you want to go. So it helps you along the way, it's not that I didn't do it before, just that you weren't clear on your goals and you didn't know that I was showing you life. Now, focused and with one direction, you see opportunities everywhere.
If I'm encouraging you, I'm glad. However, I don't want to stay empty words. I can tell you about facts. Because despite crisis I have grown. I keep dreaming. And I will achieve my goals. I still don't have the clear picture of how I will do it, but I know what I want, and the picture will clear as I go along.
A couple of years ago I had to leave my university studies to start working because I didn't have to eat at home. I remember those days, there was barely a light bulb in my house and it was the one in the kitchen. Really my feelings those days were confusing and depressing.
I started working in a fast food sale, I made many friends, from there and without realizing my life it was already another. I washed and peeled potatoes, very little I had cooked in my life, but there I was, working in a kitchen. I washed many dishes, cleaned many floors and received many shouts. I had to give a direction to my life and with fear I started the career of professional chef.
So little by little I was forging the person I am now. I have worked, in more than 5 different kitchens, without receiving good pay, but learning a lot in all. Knowledge is the best investment. My professional cook title has not yet been completed because it has become increasingly expensive thanks to hyperinflation, however, I am sure that I will be able to do it because I have all my energies put into it.
It has not been easy, having to endure bad pay in a country where everything is very expensive, when you have to support a family. But I know that with all my knowledge gained in this trance I will achieve a job that recognizes my skills and attitudes.
I'm about to start bakery classes, I managed to sign up and buy some ingredients that are needed for each class. I work to be able to pay it without major setback even though I don't have much to eat at home, I prefer to learn for the future than to eat and not know anything tomorrow. I have also managed to keep myself thanks to cryptocurrencies and I owe a lot to YOURS and its great community. My triumphs are those of you.
This is how I invite you, if you're going through a bad time. Do not see how bad others are to justify your own misfortune and settle. But reflections of where you are and where you want to go. To make the universe with your work the best allies for your success.
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"I am looking for an opportunity to get out of this bad moment in which I find myself trapped. I hope to find your support to raise only $ 300 to start my own food business and continue my cooking studies. This would really help me and my family. I consider myself a person who thrives in many ways and I am sure of achieving economic prosperity through my passion: cooking. If you can help me, I will be very grateful."


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