Too many social media platforms doth not a happy person make.
Personal case study:
2017 and prior: FB, IG, a bit of twitter.
2018: Twitter, reddit, tumblr, a bit of IG,
2019: Twitter (slowly weaning),, Slack, Twetch, Telegram. (I haven't deleted FB yet because most of my middle-aged friend network uses this for messaging.) In short, this is still TOO MANY PLACES and moving in the wrong direction! My maximum self-assessed social media capacity is general one main platform, and two additional if absolutely necessary. Most of us are currently stretched beyond comfort. But you gotta hang out where the people are or you will simply be talking to yourself.
2020: ???
Also, Whatsapp mainly for family group communications.

Here is my shortlist of actual joy-sparkers lately:
  • being in nature
  • babies
  • connecting with people on more than a surface level
  • ongoing learning about big ideas with potential to change the world for the better
  • "alone time"

p.s. It turns out that, of course, books are being published about this general societal malaise. Today I ordered a book called Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport (the author of another book called Deep Work) and I'm looking forward to reading it.
p.p.s. Dear builders of BSV social media platforms... direct messaging (one-to-one communication) is a very important feature.


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