In near future we can face the challenges of storing large amount data near about 3000 Zetabyte which is the total volume of data we consumed by 2040 World wide.
Presently we stored data either by using magnetic tape or by silicon cheap that is on hard drive.
But to store large amount data we need huge space like a big library.
But our nature already have a solution to store data that is our own DNA. DNA of one human can store 150 Zetabyte ( 150*1021 bytes) .
Instead of storing data by binary method of 0’s and 1’s in DNA we store all the data by
A, T, C or G nucleotides, which are then synthesised into long oligonucleotide.
In DNA technology very little amount of space required. 1 gram of DNA can stored 215 million gigabytes data.
Longevity is huge as long as we store the DNA in cold places our data will be safe.
How The Technology Works:
In this technology we made artificial DNA by Oligonucleotide synthesis machine for storage and DNA sequencing machines for retrieving the stored data.
In DNA data storage technology we used 00 as A and 01 as C and 10 as The and 11 as G.
To store data from traditional binary pattern like 001110100100111 we break the pattern as 01,00,10,11 and used fountain code technique in DNA sequencing.
This technology uses artificial DNA made using commercially available oligonucleotide synthesis machines for storage and DNA sequencing machines for retrieval.
Present Difficulties:
The DNA data technology is still under progress and very early stages.
This process is very slow as we have to sequencing DNA in a proper way to the retrieve the data.
Very costly technology.
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