So they voted to build a wall ... well, my dear Americans, although you do not understand much about geography, since for you America is your country and not a continent, it is important that before you put the first bricks, you will find out of what they are leaving outside that wall.
Outside there are 7 billion people; but as you also do not sound that much about people, we will call them consumers. There are 7 billion consumers willing to replace the iPhone with the Samsung or the Huawei in less than 42 hours. They can also replace the Levi's by Zara or Massimo Duti. Quietly, in less than half a year, we can stop buying Ford or Chevrolet vehicles and replace them with a Toyota, KIA, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, Subaru, Renault or BMW, which technically far surpass the cars you produce. Those 7 billion can also stop subscribing to Direct TV and we would not like it, but we can stop watching Hollywood movies and start seeing more Latin American or European productions that have superior quality, message, cinematographic techniques and content. Although it may seem incredible, we can stop going to Disney and go to the Xcaret park in Cancun, Mexico, Canada or Europe: there are other excellent destinations in South America, the East and Europe. And believe it or not, even in Mexico there are hamburgers better than McDonalds and with a better nutritional content.
Has anyone seen a pyramid in the United States? In Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Sudan and other countries there are pyramids with incredible cultures.
Search where the wonders of the ancient and modern world are ...
 None is in the United States ... what a pity for Trump, then, he would have bought and resold it!
We know that Adidas exists and not only Nike and we can well start to consume Mexican tennis like the Panam. We know much more than you think; We know, for example, that if those 7 billion consumers do not buy their products, there will be unemployment and their economy (within the racist wall) will collapse to the point that they will beg us to tear down the fateful wall.
We did not want, but ... you wanted to wall, you are going to get to wall.

The rest of the world.


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