The good news: I may no longer be addicted to Twitter!
The bad news: I am a little bit addicted to Twetch. is a new social platform running on Bitcoin SV (BSV) in which interactions are incentivized with micropayments. It is in beta development and has basic features such as posting, liking, commenting, and notifications.
It costs money (currently two cents USD) to post and to comment. You are able to earn micropayments from "likes" on either your posts or comments. Every interaction uses MoneyButton and every action (e.g. plain text post or comment in the op_return) is recorded immutably on the BSV blockchain. There is no deleting from the blockchain. Currently there is no direct uploading of images, only via Twitter links. Images are also recorded on Bitstagram. So, THINK (twice?) before you post or sh*tpost. As far as I understand, the incentive structure (and pricing per action) will continue to evolve as the developers of Twetch -- a frog, a South Park character, an urban arsonist, a guy in a hat, a breign, and I'm not sure who else is involved -- work through the beta phase and add features to improve the user experience .
If you are interested in joining in beta at this time, you must send a direct message with your MoneyButton user ID number to the official Twetch account on Twitter, or to one of its founders who is giving invites.
p.s. I'm still in the process of summarizing some thoughts about my experiences during the early days of, rather than dumping my usual stream of consciousness-type blog post behind the paywall.


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