Hello there, anonymous crowd Even though it have been few months since my last post, i want to share with you what i do, what i love, i may not be the best at it, but it really makes me happy, and i can make other people happy too. The past week in Venezuela (the chaotic country where i live) it was taking place in Caracas, the FILVEN Feria internacional del libro en Venezuela, wich translate to Venezuelan International Book Fair, and some of the writers invited me to the event, so i can make my cartoons and ilustrate book, recycled books, so i thought that maybe, interesting topic to others, this books are made out of cardboard, as an alternative to the macroproduction giving them an organic look, tradinional crafting style, so here am i, trying to earn my living .
-the books where made out of recycled materials, if you have any advice to improve them, im all ears. the little prince among others, it was really entertain to make them, i really enjoy this day.

you could also come by and aske for your own personal design for you recycled notebook, this is an exanple.
but most of the time that i spend there i was making cartoons, i will say that, one of my biggest dreams is to be do this for free, just because i enjoy how people laugh of them.
here are some pictures .

-this is me, drawing a portrait of a maddam.-
i hope you are doing great, and i hope you enjoyed the pieces. thank you so much for the support. like if you want me to go and visit you :D


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